Friday, April 17, 2009

Back at Digital

It seems I've been in a black and white sort of mood recently.
I did a shoot yesterday with the lovely model Sarah (as usual). I didn't break the rules this time though; I shot everything in color. Of course, going through the images I ended up making all the good ones black and white, and those are the ones I like best.

The shot below was the goal of the photoshoot. This was originally a part of a very dark series, so I knew pretty much how I wanted it to come out. I'm not sure if the series will ever actually get done, and I'm not sure how it's going to look if it does... but I suppose we'll find out eventually.
Rather than going to a studio and dumping buckets of water on her, I instead asked her to jump (fully clothed!) in the shower. We turned on the hot water, I set up a strobe (with a plastic bag as protection) and plopped myself down outside the shower. 45 minutes later (thanks to the miracle of unlimited hot water) we finished. Every time I switched lenses (which I did outside of the bathroom), I had to wait a minute or so before the fog cleared off the new lens. Here's what happened when I didn't wait.

I actually kind of like the steamy look, but it wasn't "the shot" that I had in mind, so I skipped trying to repeat it.

Overall, it was a fun shoot.