Friday, March 6, 2009


To keep myself interested in the stuff I shoot for the paper, I make sure to take some time off the event and focus on whatever I see that looks like it could make a decent photo. These shots never get submitted to the paper and are never published, but they are the only halfway decent photos I have from the month of February, as I didn't shoot any personal work.
An ROTC dude holds the AZ flag at the final Men's Basketball game of the season.

The NAU Cheers pose for the NAU-TV crew shooting a Women's Basketball game.

I found this very amusing. Everyone sees the people my age blasting away at their cell phones all the time. People in their 50's though, are rarely seen texting. These two were super-intent on whatever they were doing. I think they were texting each other....

I shot this yesterday on my walk back to my dorm. I love how the steel and windows of the building reflect the blues and whites in the sky.

I'll be shooting film today, will post those images when I get time, and a scanner.