Monday, March 2, 2009

D300 Update


I got a call from the Mike's Camera people. My camera has been repaired and will be shipped out tomorrow. From there I expect 5 days to Mike's and 3 days or less to me. This means the total time I will have had the camera out of my hands will be 2 months + a couple days.

This, as I am finally getting used to shooting with the D100. Out of habit now whenever I walk into a room (all the shoots I do are inside), the first thing I do is check what kind of lights are around so I can manually set my WB (something I never have to do with the D300).

Usually at the end of every month I do a post to with the good shots from that month. This month, I used digital excusively for newspaper work, and haven't had time to develop my film yet... so I have no personal work. Thus, there will be no update for February on
Feel free to browse the site though. If you've extra time, go through my old stuff. Some of it is fairly amusing, especially if you know me/my friends.