Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Camera repaired

Got another call from Mike's today. They received my D300 this morning and let me know around 4pm that I could come pick it up. HA! I let them know (for the fourth time) that I live in AZ and that they would have to ship it to me. The person on the phone seemed surprised at this, and opted to add another $20 shipping charge to my bill. That came to $396.95 with tax.
I said no thanks, I would like to speak to your manager. The guy came on and offered me his only option: 10% off + free shipping to AZ. That brought my order to just below the original estimate of $352, so I accepted and my glorious D300 is finally on the way home.

When it comes in I will do an extensive review to make sure everything works, then I'll be out on the shutter again!

I know at least one of my concert shots will run in this week's issue of The Lumberjack, so keep your eyes peeled. The shot is sweet!