Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Website changes


I finally got around to updating my portfolios again, and also updating the slideshow that plays when vaultphotos.com is first opened. Got rid of a couple pictures, added a couple newer ones.
I seem to recall every serious photographer I have ever known telling me that portfolios MUST be up to date all the time. I update them every 4 months or so and I always have fairly big changes to make when I do.

I am curious: how does the website display? Do you have problems viewing, loading, or navigating it? Please drop a comment below and let me know how I could improve my site. I always use the most up to date version of Firefox, and I use it on a mac. I never see the site from any other perspective.

All the snow here has finally paid off; we have been granted a snow day! We aren't expecting much more snow until Saturday, so I am guessing I will be back in classes tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!