Thursday, February 19, 2009


It appears (from payroll) that I was published this week, though I can't find the image (or story) on the website. I only shot one story last week, and I was fairly certain it wouldn't run. I'll look through the paper version of the paper and update later.

Fun story: I shot the basketball profile below 2 weeks ago or so. Profiles are always a sure-thing, because sports always wants one good portrait. Easy money. Show up at practice, wait around for ten minutes, then grab the athlete before they hit the showers. All was well, I got the shot, wrote the caption and submitted it.
Not a fantastic picture (the guy is kinda funny lookin'), but good enough for a profile.

Just my luck, the damn basketball player gets booted off the team at the away game that very night along with a two of his fellow players, so the photo never runs. Sometimes I could swear it is a conspiracy.
I'm still fuming about my camera, but shooting more film until it arrives.

Also, have an interview today about a job shooting for NAU athletics full time next year. That job = full tuition waiver, which would really be nice. I'll let you know tomorrow how that goes.