Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday again

Amazing, that Thursday happens every week.

Couple things going on today:

I watched the new D-Town that everyone is ranting and raving about, and it is worth the 10:26 of your life. I learned more in the first 4 minutes of this video than I will in my hour-and-fifteen-minute-photo-class today. That WB trick is sweet. Heck, even the ad for Joe McNally is good stuff.
Since today is Thursday, I know I was published at least once.
BUT, these days I can never tell until I get the paper in my hands exactly how many times I was published, because the online version no longer accurately reflects what happens in print. This is both good and bad, I think. The web site allows us to publish more pictures (even though we don't get paid for them), which enhances the readers' experience. Unfortunately, we still don't have any way to make money on the website, so we're giving away the extra content totally free.
I guess every morning as to how many times I was published in print, and today my guess is 3. I know the chalk piece ran, I know the Pluto shot ran, and I am guessing my track shot ran. Overall a pretty good issue for me.

(Turns out my count came to 4. I forgot the profile shot on a one-armed drummer girl.)

This evening I will be listening to Lewis Kemper (one of the Canon "explorers of light") speak about photography and light. I expect it to be a good time, and will likely have something to blog about it later.