Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey all!

In response to David DuChemin's post on "Fill the bucket" I am going to write about how I keep my ideas fresh for later use.

I got a sketch book (Skizzenbuch in German) from friend (and architect) Michael Warren, who uses the things religiously.

The whole reason I picked up a camera in the first place is because I cannot draw to save my life. Just like anything, the more you draw, the better you get. So, for the last couple months whenever I have a photo idea that I want to keep around for later use, I put it in my awesome sketch book. My sketches are getting better at communicating my idea, and sketching allows me to see if the composition (the most important part of an image) will hold up in a photograph.

I got a new assignment yesterday: we are to make a photo-book.
I am using the opportunity to do a very dark series. I'll show y'all when I'm done with it :-)