Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My Muse:

I have been horribly uninspired recently. Shooting black and white is cool, but I REALLY like color. Shooting on a D100 is alright, but I REALLY like my D300.
I know, I spent my last post saying how it doesn't matter which camera you use... and it doesn't. I have used the D100 to make some good photos. But it isn't as easy.
Using the D300 is easy. It almost always gets the WB right, the ISO looks great at 1600 (sadly my default ISO when shooting sports at the venues on campus) and the colors are fantastic. I also get 8 frames/second with an unlimited buffer the way I shoot. AND, if I miss a shot I am not afraid to crop in, 'cause I've got 12.3 glorious megapixels.
On the D100, I get 2.5 frames a second, with a 6 frame buffer, and I can't crop much due to the 5.6 megapixel sensor.

Moral of the story: I have been spoiled by my D300. When I am spoiled, I don't think about the limitations of my gear, because for me there are no limitations. I get to focus entirely on the picture I am trying to make, because I have faith the camera can make it.
When my camera can't keep up with me, I spend more of my time worrying about the gear than about making the right picture.

Still no word on the status of my D300. I fully expect it to be repaired by now, so with luck it is on its way to Mike's Camera Boulder.