Friday, February 20, 2009

Life, the universe, and death metal

Haven't been shooting much, but I have gone through a roll of black and white film. I'll probably develop that sometime tomorrow just to see if I can actually do it.
My photo class finished our first assignment last week, and got our second and third assignments this week. All of them so far I have been able to do from stock images, though I always make sure to shoot more. Having stock just takes the pressure off.

My interview yesterday with the sports people went well. I showed up early, talked with the guy, gave him a link to my portfolios, and talked about my experience shooting sports and working with deadlines. I am fairly sure I'll get the job... but if I don't I can be the photo editor for the lumberjack for the same wonderful compensation that is a full tuition waiver.


Death metal = the genre of the week, especially after learning that my camera had not yet been repaired. Rawr.