Monday, February 23, 2009


Last night at our weekly Lumberjack Photo Staff Meeting, our editor suggested that everyone bring all their gear so we could all know who had which brand (there are really only 2 brands) and who had fast glass.

It turns out that the entire staff, with the exception of myself and our editor shoots Canon!
That blew my mind.
Honestly, these days there isn't much of a practical difference between the two brands. If you know how to work your gear, you will get good pictures. But pretty much all the older photogs, and most of the people I know shoot Nikon gear. Lucky for me and my editor, we own good glass and don't have to borrow. Most of the canon people though, own 1 or 2 (variable aperture) lenses and a few of them didn't know how to change things like color modes, contrast, and even ISO.
Most of them are shooting the 40D, while one has the brand new 5D mark II. That camera is a monster, and works like a charm.
I essentially sat there and watched as most of the staff talked canon. Each brand has their advantages and disadvantages (I could really go for a huge scroll wheel on the D300). It doesn't matter to me what you shoot with, as long as you can get good pictures.

Speaking of gear, still no news on my D300.

The track shot below will run in this week's paper, as will at least one other shot of mine.
Still have to shoot a Swim and Dive practice. Haven't done that yet, so it should be fun.

Peace out!