Monday, January 26, 2009


As of last night around 7:30, I am the News Photo Editor at the Lumberjack!

Three new photo editor positions have been created this semester: News, A&E, and Sports.
Essentially, the section photo editors act as liaisons. We go to the section meetings, give out ideas, tell the sections what can and can't work for photos (it is amazing what writers think will work for a picture in a story. They're wrong a lot). We also go to the photo meetings, talk to the photogs and tell them what the idea behind each story is, give clarification, things like that. Ultimately, the only editing I do is telling the News section that their ideas are impossible, or pushing really hard for ideas that will make great photos. I have some say in what runs, but MY editor (The photo editor) still does all the real work in choosing which photos will run and where.

Basically I do what I've been doing, + an extra 2 meetings a week.
For those extra 2 meetings, I get an extra $200/semester.

Good stuff.

Update on the D300.... I know nothing.
I am expecting a call from Nikon or Mike's Camera by Thursday. Until then, I know as much as you do.
But man, I miss that camera.

That's all for now.