Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photos and hard drives

Hello my loyal readers!

First, some photos: The theme today is Playing in Puddles!

I got these shots last week after two straight days of rain. Not snow, but legit rain. It is January for crying out loud! I know, I'm in Arizona, but still rain in January blew my mind.
I saw a few puddles gathering on the sidewalks on campus and asked my ever trusty model Sarah to come out and get wet with me. As it turns out, I hardly got wet at all, while she ended up soaked. These shots were done for the "stop action" assignment in my black and white photo class. I have yet to get a good panning shot (though I didn't try much).

I have more photos coming later from the same shoot.

On a different topic: hard drives. I have about 1.7 TB in total external hard drive space (which is ironic, as I have not had a digital camera for almost a month now). Yesterday, my two (mirrored) 750gb drives decided not to mount to my macbook pro! I couldn't use them and the computer couldn't see them! I spent 2 hours connecting, disconnecting, and playing around in the Disk Utility before they agreed to play nice. Very frustrating. Though both are behaving well as of right now. My trusty 250gb portable drive still runs like a champ.