Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo 281

I am still skeptical about my first photo class at NAU. The name of the class is "The Fundamentals of Black and White Photography."
My main problem there is the "fundamentals," I feel like I have a very good grasp of the fundamentals, as I have been shooting for 5 years.
Still, I need to keep in mind that nobody is too old or too good to learn. While I may not be learning as much as the rest of my classmates, I am sure I will pick out tidbits of information over the course of the semester. And, practice is practice, regardless of where I get it.

My first assignments are:
1) Pan
2) Stop action
3) Night scene

Of these, a good panning shot is one I lack, so I will be focusing a lot on it. I have a lot of experience stopping action, and more than enough night shots to pull the other two assignments from my film archives if I need to.