Friday, January 16, 2009

Mmmm. Film

Another shot off my most recent black and white roll.
I enjoy shooting film, even though it is expensive (more than free) and I get really low-resolution scans from the labs. It feels more authentic, almost. I think more when I'm shooting film, because I know I can't just delete the photo and try again until I get it right. Recently my Method of Operation has been something like:
1) compose
2) focus (the focusing system on the N80 is lacking compared to what I am used to)
3) check exposure
4) double check all of the above
5) shoot

As opposed to my digital MO, which looks like:
1) check aperture
2) shoot
3) check screen for exposure and composition
4) reshoot as necessary.

Between the two, I think my film MO is much more productive and ends up with much fewer wasted shots and thus less wasted time.
When I get my D300 back, I will do my best to combine the best of both worlds.