Monday, January 12, 2009

Black and White 35mm film


Yes. Between not having a digital body and reading all Ken Rockwell's rants about 35mm film, I have been convinced to shoot film seriously for a while. I have to say, so far it is going extremely well. My N80 with all the awesome glass I have accumulated does a wonderful job. Though sadly I can't use my old manual lenses (which i have several of) because the N80 won't meter. That right there is enough reason for me to get an F5. On the other hand, I paid $200 for the N80 and the F5 still costs $600 ish. Big difference. Maybe if I decide to forgo digital (like that will ever happen).

The first and last shot of this series I lit in my basement with 3 big lights. the middle two were available light only. All the images have been pulled into Aperture and tweaked because I shot them on C41 process film and the scans had color issues. Overall, I'm very happy with the results. Enjoy!

Because I don't have a digital body, I will be shooting my assignments for The Lumberjack (my school paper) on 800 speed color fujifilm. I will be sure to let you know how that goes, but I don't expect too much trouble. After all, our ancestors did photojournalism with film just fine. Ken Rockwell would argue better than we do now ;-)