Monday, December 1, 2008


Hello there.

I went shopping on Black Friday, as promised. I was fairly well rewarded for it too!
My purchase of the day was a WesternDigital 750gb hard drive for a mere $88.88.

I also treated myself to a pair of Sony in-ear buds after reading some good reviews on them. I had tried a pair of SkullCandy in-ears on thanksgiving and was surprised by the isolation and sound quality. The reviews lead me to the conclusion that both offer good sound, but SkullCandy's have durability issues.
I used my new sony buds on my 14.5 hour drive from CO back to school in AZ and they performed admirably, though they are not as nice as BOSE. However, I am not ready to shell out $100 for a tiny pair of earbuds. At $23, sony gets my money.

The photo blog-o-sphere is ablaze with news of Nikon's D3x. A monster 24.5 Megapixel camera, the same ISO performance as the D300 (now horribly obsolete) and lower frame rates than the D700. All that, and Nikon is asking $8,000 for them.
Real photographers are boycotting the camera until Nikon can bring down the price. Ken rockwell is demanding the price come down to $5,500, though I doubt we will get that lucky.
Regardless of how far the price comes down, the D3x is not anywhere near my wish-list.
Spend money on glass, not the camera body.

My gear interest these days is Lensbaby (link). They offer inexpensive variable/adjustable focus lenses that just scream creativity.

My computer interest these days is the Wacom Bamboo tablet. Enough said.

Just in case you are hoping to do some gifting in my general direction sometime soon, my xmas list gets updated about once a week. It can be found at (

That's all for now!