Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally a little fun

Coming back to my room after visiting a couple friends yesterday, I noticed a huge steam cloud exploding out of the side of my building. For a few seconds I actually thought the place was on fire. My first reaction was "where is my camera?" My second was "where are my hard drives?" Not bad instincts for a photographer to have.

I dropped my stuff off in my room, grabbed a camera, a flash, and a couple models. As we exited the building, the huge steam cloud became a wimpy stream of steam. I was prepared to be disappointed, but I set up my gear anyway and we took a few pictures. maybe 15 shots in, the steam vent starts spewing again and a huge cloud engulfs the three of us in a matter of seconds. I was pleasantly surprised that it was warm. Wearing my kilt, I very much enjoyed the steam for about five seconds. After that five seconds I realized I could not see a damn thing. Not my own nose, let alone my hands in front of my face. I escaped the cloud, dragged my models out behind me, and laughed as we all wiped water off ourselves. My female model was wearing glasses at the time, so she wiped them off and we set up for another go at it. Three or four minutes later the steam erupted again. And so it went, probably for 20 minutes.

The image below is actually three different shots put together.

The models and I all think that the black and white version is best, but here is a color version for fun.

That's all for now! Study time!