Monday, October 27, 2008

Softbox + photoshop

Finally got a couple decent portraits done with my new softbox this weekend.

I have been focusing on eyes a lot recently, I don't know why.
I had better luck using myself a subject, somehow the catchlight (light you see reflected in the eyes) doesn't take away from my eyes as much as it does the picture above.

While shooting these I played around with the "sharpness" setting in the Picture Control settings on the D300. For the picture of me, sharpness was at +9. For Birgit it was +7. I really like what it did what eyebrows and (my) facial hair.

I gave up on the fall series. It turns out I did not take 3 pictures that look enough alike to get a good series out of them. I will post my finished favorite leaf picture tomorrow :-)
The BICO series is still going, I just need to figure a few things out to make it happen the way I would like.
This weekend I have my shoot at the Skydome, shooting the marching bands for 8 or 9 hours. I have to buy another CF card to make that happen. Walmart has a 2gb 266x Kingston card for $35 that I will probably end up with.

That's all for now!