Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Photographers' adventure

In an effort to bond with the other photographers on staff, my photo editor has decided to do staff picnics/BBQs and staff adventures at least once a week.
This week four of us jumped in Bryan's Jeep and drove to a couple different scenic spots in Flagstaff to see what we could come up with.

First, we busted out some drinks and did a quick tutorial on off-camera flash for someone who had never used it before. The goal was an "environmental portrait" and I think Stas (the half-willing subject) pulls off the "outdoorsman" look quite well.

After leaving the meadow (and total lack of good light), we headed up Snowbowl to see what it could offer us. Shooting into the sunset wasn't working for me so I turned my camera around and shot the aspens. Not a great picture but better than a lot of the junk I shot.

When the sun finally set low enough to give off some glow, I whipped out my Sb600 again and took a couple shots of Bryan's Jeep. Nothing spectacular again, but it was a lot of fun to shoot. If the jeep had been a motorcycle it would have been perfect... But it takes more than one light to illuminate a big blue Jeep.

Check back tomorrow for something out of my usual style.