Friday, October 10, 2008

Battery issue.

I always have the MB-D10 vertical battery grip on my Nikon D300.
When I put throw-away, off-brand AA Alkalines in it, I can shoot forever and ever. I have shot more than 1000 frames on one set of 8 throw-aways, plus a lot of screen viewing time. When I use my 2500mAh energizer rechargeable, I get 400 shots max with the same or less screen-viewing (chimping). I always make sure the "MB-D10 battery order" is set correctly in-camera to NiMH when using the rechargeables and Alkaline with the throw aways. When I take out my Energizers and pop them in my monster 2.5 hr charger, they read 3/4 full! Even after a Discharge and Recharge the camera only shoots 3o0-400 frames before it switches to the internal battery.
To anyone who uses the vertical grip on their camera, have you noticed this?
To anyone who knows stuff about batteries, why is this?
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