Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots to learn

Yesterday the photographers on The Lumberjack had a meeting. Actually we have one every Monday. I learned a lot of what my editor called "the basics."

The biggest thing: On every assignment you should be going for 4 shots. 
1) Wide overview (the whole team), 
2) Mid-range (the 4 guys nearest the ball), 
3) Closeup (one guy with the ball) and 
4) Extreme closup (one guy's face)
If you nail those 4 shots, you have your finals and they all tell the same story from totally different angles.

I have always tried to get variety in my shoots regardless of what I am shooting, but knowing that I have 4 specific shots to get makes it much easier.

I also learned that half the photographers on the staff shoot RAW. My first thought was,
 "Are you kidding me?!" Then I remembered that my RAW files are gargantuan, and nobody else on staff has a 12.1 mp camera. I also remembered that nobody else on staff can shoot at ISO 3200 or 4000, let alone get something printable that high. Their solution is to shoot it 2-3 stops underexposed and just bring in the light later in Bridge.
Not my style. And that is just fine.

Then there came the issue of filenaming. This was not something I was prepared for at all. My Editor is having all of us change our filenaming conventions completely. Right now all our files look different depending on the camera and software we use.
 Now they must look like: Lastname_YYYYMMDD_####.jpg

On the bright side, this will force me to use Bridge (for batch renaming) and I just might learn something new. On the other hand, I do not like messing with my system.

All that in 45 minutes of a meeting with 10 other photogs. WOW. This is not even the big leagues yet, we're just getting started. This is why I came to college. I LOVE IT!