Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The dying breed

Here I am, just getting into photojournalism, as the game is changing rapidly. Nikon and Canon now both have DSLRs that shoot HD video as well as fantastic stills. This is exactly that the newspaper and magazine industries have been praying (and probably paying and pushing) for.
Now when the Nikon D2x's and D2h's wear out, they will be replaced with D90's. The D90 can do just about everything the D300 can do, plus shoot amazing HD video. The downside? Photojournalists are going to have to learn how to be careful with their cameras. Everybody knows photojournalists beat on their equipment. The Nikon D90 and the Canon 5D are both plasticy and less-durable than either company's respective "tank" cameras.
The other downside? Photojournalists are responsible for shooting video.
Of course, still photographers have been responsible for video since newspapers and magazines started doubling their content online.
The upside? Photojournalists are responsible for shooting video, NOT videojournalists.

My biggest fear for this industry has been that these publications would hire videographers to shoot things, and then they would pull stills from the video. This would eliminate the need for still photographers. That would be bad.
Now the videographers are the ones pissed off because the still photogs are shooting video.

Vince Laforet shot a fantastic video on a prototype Canon 5D mk II. This was his first video production ever. Canon liked it and published it on their website (link above).

That's it for now!