Friday, September 5, 2008


Soccer games.
Oh my.
Tonight I will be shooting a women's soccer game here on campus... and I am expecting it to be painful. The game starts at 7. Sunset is at 6:45. My longest fast glass is my 80-200.
Let me tell you, an 80-200 is NOT long enough to be shooting soccer.
Usually this wouldn't worry me, since usually (in daylight) I would not be worried about cropping into the image later. As it turns out, my ISO wants to be 2500-3200 to get a shutter speed of about 1/125. 
Cropping into an image with ISO that high gets a little.... icky. Fortunately, I am the only photog that I know on the staff who has a camera that can even go that high, let alone think about printing that high. The other day my photo editor said something like "Fast glass up here is really important. If you try shooting at the Lumberjack Stadium with a 5.6 lens, even ISO 1600 won't help you. Of course, I won't print anything you shoot that is that grainy."
To which I gleefully responded "Bryan, YOU might not be able to shoot ISO that high and get anything, but I guarantee I can comfortably shoot ISO 4000 on the D300. When we are printing on the toilet paper that is newspaper, nobody will be able to tell."
Of course, I didn't know I'd be shooting soccer at night with a lens that is half the length I want... Ah well.
I'll shoot it tonight and let you know how it worked out with a post sometime this weekend.

Here's a picture from my walk around campus last week, since I promised I'd be getting these out eventually.