Monday, September 29, 2008

Done Slacking Off

I Finally got off my butt and took some pictures.
Some of them are even decent.
I spent last night with a group of my friends smoking hookah and shooting ISO 6400. Oh so much fun. The hookah was fun but shooting was way more fun. The D300 amazes me every time by doing exactly what I want it to. I had two polar-opposite lights. One was the uber-orange lights that NAU and the city of Flagstaff use for public lighting. The other is a little 8-LED flashlight that I picked up at Checker Auto for $8. Bright blue and hellish orange. The best way I could think to combine the two is to emphasize something that was either orange or blue to begin with. I settled on Liz's bright blue eye. Using my left hand as a snoot for the light, I pushed my 50mm down to f1.8, composed the shot, selected one of my very many focus points and fired off a few frames. The result:

No photoshop, just a little crop in aperture to get rid of some of her forehead.

I'm getting back in my groove!
Also, the Lumberjack has started competitions between photographers. We are now allowed to double-shoot events. Two people shoot an event and the person who gets published (the winner) gets to pick an assignment on the next issue for the loser. I plan on doing a lot of these. Even if I lose I get the opportunity to shoot more and learn!

That's all for now!