Friday, August 15, 2008


Goodness me, somehow I managed to miss a day blogging. Shame on me.

I've been pretty busy with senior photo shoots recently. Finally getting a little bit of money.

I took a break for a personal project the other day, shot a friend of mine and his Honda F4i, up on a "scenic overlook" off Highway 36.

The first two have minimal photoshop, just a little clone tool to get rid of an annoying "Wrong Way" sign in the background. The bottom image I actually photoshopped his glasses on, and I did it poorly. You can't really tell unless you're looking for it, but still. I cut out the glasses off another shot where he was wearing them. In that shot he was looking down, so the angle was way off. Rotating them didn't work so I manually erased and made a new side to the glasses, holding them on his ear. The first two shots are lit by the awesome cloudy background and my SB600 flash, about 6 feet from the models on a tripod. 1/8 power or so, zoomed to 50mm
The bottom shot is lit from the on-camera flash at full power, as well as the SB600 which I was hand-holding about 5 feet from the camera. probably 1/3.2 power zoomed to 75mm.

My goal with these shots was actually to use 2 new constant 90 watt floodlights hooked to a generator to get some balanced light and some blur, but the generator didn't fire when we got to our location (despite having tested it before lifting it into the back of my truck).

Oh well. I did get several spare 90 watt floods for my new lights, as well as a couple of decent pictures. All I need to do now is send them off to Honda...

tomorrow: pictures of the charred Lookout Ridge after our 50-150 acre (sources disagree) fire.