Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Junk on Sensor

I was out shooting another sunset this evening. I like sunsets but I find them very difficult to capture. Either my equipment is malfunctioning, or I am. Tonight I think it was a bit of both.

I was having trouble composing and upon chimping I noticed JUNK on my sensor. How much?
This much.

Ouch. Look at all that. In addition to being bitten by ravenous mosquitos and not being able to compose an image, now I had stuff on my sensor. This is not the kind of stuff that the D300's "Clean Sensor" deal can take care of. no no no. I tried three times and it made no difference at all. I was forced to give up, go home, bust out the shop-vac and clean my poor sensor.

Luckily, with some post-production contrast boost I was able to get a decent image out of a shot I had taken before I was beset by the sensor-cloggers.

I really like the contrast, both highlights/shadows and colors: blues, pinks and yellows against grays and blacks.
tech: D300, ISO 100, Vivid PC, contrast and saturation +3, f22, 1/15 sec.

More later