Friday, August 1, 2008

From the Photo Gods

Que the heavenly-sounding music!

Scott Kelby is out to promote his new book. Good for him. Usually I wouldn't care, but how he is doing it is making a lot of people very excited. A world wide "photo walk." [LINK]
Actually, its several (100+) small (50 person) photo walks. What is a photo walk? Where a group of shutterbugs get together for a day of walking and shooting. You meet in the morning, shoot all day and end up at a pub or cafe or restaurant in the evening to chimp on each others photos. 
Do I want to do it? Heck yes!
Is it going to be a little difficult? Probably. The date for the photo walk is August 23. 2 days after I move in to my dorm in Flagstaff, AZ. The nearest walk to me is in Prescott, AZ. An hour and a 45 minutes drive.
The challenge? Make friends with a few photographers in the first 2 days I'm in school. Then make friends with a photographer who is willing to drive a couple people down to Prescott for a day of shooting.
Do I think I can do it? .... maybe. I expect it will be a little bit of a challenge.... but I also figure if I walk around carrying my rig at its biggest, I might meet a couple people who 1) have camera envy, or 2) will give me camera envy. We all know most photogs are total gear-heads, so walking around carrying a bunch of gear might do the trick ;-)

That's what I know for today!

(photo tech: 1/3200 sec at ISO 400 F8. D300 with 80-200 at 80mm, PC set to vivid and contrast +2)