Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Blues

First, a picture.

shot on my walk around campus the other day. I actually had to bring down the saturation on this one in Aperture.

Business: I am officially one of 11 or 12 (I am not really sure) staff photographers for The Lumberjack, which is NAU's weekly paper. I met up with the photo editor yesterday and after he looked through my stuff online, he decided he might as well hire me. (it actually pays: $10 per picture printed).
The setup for this paper is pretty different from what I am used to. Photogs sign up for stories online, our editor approves our choices, we shoot and upload from anywhere on campus to the server. We write our own captions (something i did not do at FHS) in the photo comment field in Photoshop for our "final" 4-6 good pictures.
I am fairly excited, and also kind of nervous. I shot a women's volleyball game last night just to try it out. The Jack already had 2 or 3 photographers there, so I did not need to come up with anything good, which is a relief 'cause I got nothin'. Maybe 2 or 3 good ones out of 100, and even those few did not deserve to be published. 
I guess it is time to get back into the game.

More later,