Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teaching and Learning.

First off, Dave Cross posted a guest blog post on Scott Kelby's blog talking about the whole "photoshop vs. in-camera" thing and it describes precisely how I feel (although I am probably a little more biased towards in-camera).

Second. In a mad rush to organize my thoughts last night so I can perhaps teach a friend of mine something about photography, I wrote myself some notes. 2 text files that I will use in conjunction with my brain and last year's "On Our Way" Yearbook to teach (and likely learn) a little bit about photography.
I have made these available at Just know that they really do make much more sense when I can explain them, and that they showcase the way that I shoot. Not necessarily the way everyone should shoot, but the way that I was able to make the best pictures working for a madhouse like my highschool yearbook.

While writing these notes, I used my yearbook (numbers like 4-5 are page references) and Ken Rockwell's D40 Users Guide (as the person I am teaching shoots with a Nikon D40)