Thursday, July 17, 2008

Planning and Packing

I am searching for inspiration.
Specifically, I am looking for a topic for a new photo project... something I haven't done before would be nice... hopefully something of a challenge.
If it is such a challenge to think of an idea for the project I assume the project itself will be quite challenging.

While I aimlessly search my mind and the websites that I frequent, I am also packing for my annual trip to LaGrange, Indiana, where my family owns property on a lake. I will be out there from the 18th to the 28th (ish), and while there I will likely not be updating the blog much, as our internet is primitive (read: dialup), and I would rather be in the water than updating this blog (no offense to you, my faithful readers).

I usually take a couple hundred pictures and I am sure this trip will be no exception. Upon my return I will definitely post some pictures (maybe even some good ones). This is my first trip to Indiana with the D300 and my nice lenses, so I expect some decent pictures.

I might get one more update in before the trip, but if not, I'll see you again the 28th (ish)