Thursday, July 10, 2008

On a dark and stormy midafternoon...

I was feeling a little uninspired yesterday, so I took a trip down to Sports Authority and purchased a couple boxes of CO2 cartridges and a big cardboard target. I then spent 35 minutes with my CO2 powered BB gun destroying said target. Man, is that fun!
On facebook after my little shootout I was telling my friend Jade Davies (LINK) about it and a picture possibility popped into my head. I love talking to other photographers, because they make me think how I can show them exactly what I am talking about. In this case, I wanted to show Jade precisely how much damage I had done to this poor target. Jade is going to be the Chief Yearbook Photographer for Fairview High School next year, and she has a lot to live up to, so I have taken her under my wing, in order to teach her the stuff that I learned last year through trial and error.
Here's the picture I shot:


Tech: Shot on D300 at ISO 100, vivid PC with contrast and saturation both at +1. SB600 is camera left, firing 1/16th power approx 3 feet from the board. On camera flash is firing 1/20 power to fill in the shadow from the gun.

I still haven't had the opportunity to start my new project... but I really am thinking about it, honest! I should have something up by this time next week... although I also have a few paid jobs to shoot, so they take precedence.