Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing Shots

I was driving home yesterday after moving furniture for my mom for 4 hours, and saw the most spectacular sunset I have seen all summer. Without my camera, I was forced to watch as amazing picture after amazing picture slid by me while I was unable to capture them. Man I was mad.

Oh well. 

Here are a couple pictures from my Indiana trip, since I didnt get any yesterday >:-|

Even with my PC set to vivid and contrast +3, I couldn't get the colors to look like I wanted.... so I boosted it in Aperture. :-)
Cheating is way fun.

I just closed Aperture, so no tech data. (yes, im extremely lazy and about to go swimming)

This one took me forever to get right. The sticks surrounding the live flower are its dead comrades, and the next day this flower too was dead.

The pictures tomorrow are watersports action!