Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If only I had a macro lens....

This first image I shot with my stand-in mirco lens, the 28mm f2.8. It is the closest focusing len s I own, and with a little cropping in post, it works out pretty well.
The light is coming from an sb600 camera right, probably 6 feet back. It is reflecting through a window which is how it lit the front of the spider so well.

This is right before the beatle was attacked and I can imagine it thinking "Oh, crap."

Tech: D300 PC set to vivid saturation and contrast +2, f2.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 500 Sb600 off camera.

Having finished shooting bugs, I started wandering around the cottage and noticed my friend (a budding musician LINK) reading in his room. I snapped a few pictures which really freaked him out. I guess I will not be working as paparazzi ever.... 
This is the kind of light that I work to achieve with my off-camera flash. Notice how it appears to be directional on his back, but its soft enough to wrap around him and define his shape so that you do, indeed, know he is a person.

tech: D300, vivid PC (as usual, boosted+2). 28mm F2.8. ISO 2000 (because I didn't bring a tripod, shame on me).

More tomorow